Oilfield Equipment




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SAKNAFTA’s Oilfield Supplies division provides its clients a diversified range of API compliant down hole and Completion equipment that meeting API standards with full engineering support. Our range of supplies Includes:

  • Drilling Bits
  • Casing Accessories
  • Casing Dope
  • Completion & Flow Control Tools

Wellhead Equipment

SAKNAFTA has an agreement with DRILLMEC to rent equipment and services for the land Drilling Equipment(s) and offshore drilling assets for the following:

  • HoD Heart of Drilling

The HoD Continuous Circulation System is designed to maintain circulation of drilling in the wellbore even while adding or removing drill pipe stands

  • Hydraulic catwalk
  • Casing Running Tool
  • Iron roughneck
  • Automatic slips
  • Dp without grease
  • Top drive system (TDS)