Pipeline & Process


Pipeline Process Services are designed to optimize production and minimize downtime during the entire life cycle of the pipeline /process plant through:

Pipeline services:

Online pigging and cleaning, Pipeline cleaning and gauging, Pipeline Hydrostatic testing, Pipeline drying and Pipeline nitrogen purging.

Process services:

Air & Nitrogen services

Nitrogen purging, Nitrogen leak test, Nitrogen drying, Commissioning leak test (CLT), Vacuum leak test (VLT), Gross Leak Test (GLT) and Utility Air Supply Unit.

Cleaning services

Chemical cleaning (Pickling), high pressure water rotary jetting, oil flushing, air blowing, and steam blowing.

Mechanical services:

Flange management services

Manual torque, Hydraulic torque, Hydraulic tensioning.

Pumping services:

Water injection services and Filtration services.


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